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Jori Swanson

Welcome to my online classroom!

Image with a pale blue background, a pink polkadot balloon to the left with words to the right that says,


Positive Classroom Management

Image has pennies and colorful designs at the top. Words in it says working hard for the money! A positive classroom management system using money. Below the title is a list that says:  How it works, students start each day with 5 pennies. They may earn more throughout the day for positive behavior. Coins may be taken away for not exhibiting positive behavior. The goal is to end the day with 5 or more. Ending the day with less than 5 pennies results in the student losing 2nd recess. Ending the day with no coins left will result in parent notification about their behavior, and/or a visit with Mrs. porter. All coins earned will be totaled and may be casehd in once a week at the 1st grade store to purchase items or rewards.
























Snack Guidelines

Snack guidelines

Jori Swanson

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