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Daily Schedule

Kindergarten Daily Schedule

8:00-8:25                     Breakfast/Recess

8:25-8:30                     Putting up backpacks, getting out lunches, binders.

8:30-8:55                     Morning Work, bathroom break, attendance

9:00-9:10                     Music and Movement

9:10-9:30                     Circle time/Morning Meeting/Question of the Day

9:30-9:40                     Readers Notebook/Literacy Whole Group

9:40-9:50                     Brain Break/Bathroom Break

9:50-10:30                   Specials (Computers, Music, P.E)

10:30-10:50                Read Aloud

10:50-11:10                   Literacy centers

11:10-11:20                   Journaling

11:0-11:25                Line up for lunch, wash hands, get lunch pails

11:20-11:45                 Lunch

11:45-12:15                 Recess

12:15-12:25                 Bathroom  break

12:25-12:45                 Math Centers

12:45-1:15                 Center stations/center jobs

1:15-1:30                     Snack time

1:30-1:40                     restroom break          

1:40-2:00                     Math lesson

2:00-2:30                     Recess #2

2:35-2:55                     Check Binders, get backpacks, line up for end of day procedure

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