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Classroom Information

Course Description:
In fourth grade, the basic facts of all four operations (+, -, x, and, ÷) will be used regularly and should be memorized in math class.  I encourage you to assist your child at home to master all skills.  These are the topics to be covered before the OCCT in the spring.

Numbers & Operations:

4.N.1  Solve real-world and mathematical problems using multiplication and division.  4.N.1.1—4.N.1.7

4.N.2  Represent and compare fractions and decimals in real-world and mathematical situations; use place value to understand how decimals represent quantities.  4.N.2.1— 4.N.2.8

4.N.3  Determine the value of coins in order to solve monetary transactions.  4.N.3.1

Algebraic Reasoning & Algebra:

4.A.1  Use multiple representations of patterns to solve real-world and mathematical problems.  4.A.1.1—4.A.1.3

4.A.2  Use multiplication and division with unknowns to create number sentences representing a given problem situation. 4.A.2.1—4.A.2.2

Geometry & Measurement:

4.GM.1  Name, describe, classify and construct polygons, and three-dimensional figures.  4.GM.1.1— 4.GM.1.3

4.GM.2  Understand angle, length, and area as measurable attributes of real-world and mathematical objects.  Use various tools to measure angles, length, area and volume.  4.GM.2.1-4.GM.2.5

4.GM.3  Determine elapsed time and convert between units.  4.GM.3.1— 4.GM. 3.2

Data & Probability:

4.D.1  Collect, organize, and analyze data.  4.D.1.1-4.D.1.3

Grading Scale:


89-80 = B 

79-70 = C  

69-60 =D

59-Below = F

Attendance:  It is very important that your child be here every day of school, as it is very difficult to get them caught up when they have missed a full day’s instruction.  We are working very hard to learn all we can in order to score our very best on the OCCT at the end of the school year. 

Agendas:  Every day your child is given time to write down everything we did that day in their Agenda.  If they have completed the assignment in class, they are to put a check mark beside it so you as the parent know that they have completed it.  If there is no check mark, then they need to complete that assignment at home and turn it in the next day.

Homework:  I will do my best not to assign a lot of homework.  The way I see it, they’ve been in school all day long, and when they get home they need a break.  That said, in the beginning, I will require that they practice their multiplication facts every night.  Additionaly, there will be times that your child has homework if they didn’t complete an assignment in class.  I give them plenty of time to work in class to complete all assignments so if they have played around, talked or just didn’t do their work in class, then they will need to take it home, complete it and turn it in the next day.

Behavior:  I am a huge fan of respect!  I believe every adult deserves to be respected by a child, that’s just how I was raised.  I also believe every child deserves the respect of their elders in return, that’s also how I was raised.  I have, and will continue to, respect your child and ask that they respect me in return.  I don’t have time in the day to deal with constant behavioral issues such as impulsive behaviors, constant talking, being up out of the seat, interrupting, focus issues or poor attitudes.  So if any of these things are addressed at conference or sent home in note form about your child, please take care of that situation at home.  We have such an enormous amount of information and curriculum to get thru every day that I need every minute I can get for instruction time.  I need your support in the behavior area, in order for this school year to run as smoothly as possible.  Listed are the 4 Rules that apply in my classroom:

            Be Prepared

            Be Respectful

            Raise Your Hand

            M.Y.O.B. (mind your own business)

Make-Up Work:
If your child is absent, he/she is responsible for obtaining the missed work from me and return it in a timely manner, normally within the next 2 days.

Lost or Missing Assignments:  It is the responsibility of your child to keep up with and turn in their assignments on time.  If your child loses/doesn’t turn in an assignment, they will be afforded one extra copy of the first lost assignment- this is a one time opportunity.  After that, a missed or lost assignment will receive a zero in the gradebook.  It is vital that you discuss with your child the importance of doing their work and staying organized.  We will aid in the organization process as much as possible, however, it will ultimately be the job of the individual student.