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Lesson Plans

Monday August 28, 2017


Intro to Stories of the week: Poem Families, Families

Read Poem, Have children share their feelings about the poem.  What other family words would fit in a poem like this? Ex twins, parents etc.

Daily Phonological Awareness

Rhyming Words

Single sounds

Daily High Frequency words (sight words)


Daily Vocab boost in morning message- sisters, brothers, auntie, babies, grandmas, grandpas other words for both.

Read Aloud Book: Building with Dad

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Predict: What do you think this book will be about?

Take a picture walk through the book.

While Reading Book:

Model Fluency:  Rhyming words:  Listen to how I say the words that rhyme with feeling. Raise your hand when you hear a rhyme.

Think through the text: 

  1. use picture clues to predict who is telling the story.
  2. What do the words tell us about what is going to happen in the book?

Summerize:  What was the main ideas in the story?



Revisit the read aloud book.

Oral Vocab words:  cranes, crew, gleaming, mechanic, outlining, solid.

Check for meaning.

Phonological Awareness: Rhyming words

Letter Names: Lettes Kk (whole group handwriting)

Intro to words to know: I

Grammar: Nouns:  Words that name people are called.

Intro to Literacy Stations: During this time I will call small groups to meet.

Journaling: Write your name at the top and draw a picture of you doing your favorite activity.

Listening center: Listen to The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Use the listening sheet to draw the main character and how many stars you would give the book.

Letter Hunt:  How many Kk-Oo can you find?


Match Letter Pairs: Kk, Ll, Mm, Nn, Oo, Match Capital and Lowercase pairs.  Write letter pairs, circle the ones in your name.

Word rings: 3 words for word rings:  Find scrabble tiles for words. Write words. Draw picture.

Hole Punching Letters:  Find and punch holes in the letter Kk, Ll, Mm, Nn, Oo

Name work: Name puzzles.  Complete the puzzle and then write your name.

Rice letter Find:  Find the letters in the rice and color in the letters on your paper that you find.

Sight word practice: Letter I (worksheet)

Story time: 3 Little Pigs Puppets and rebus story



Tuesday August 29, 2017


Speaking and Listening:  Make Introductions.

Rhyming words

Single sounds: Which sound is different

Sight words: I

Daily Vocab Boost: Review: gleaming, crew, mechanic, solid, outlining, cranes


Rhyming words: Recognize and Produce rhyming words

Letter Names: Ll

Teach and Model, Guided Practice, Apply

Introduce the Big Book: What Makes a Family?

Comprehension Skill: Main Ideas

Comprehension Strategy: Summerize

Build Background: Revisit the Lesson Topic: Family

Genre: Informational Text

Words to know: I

Read the Big Book: What makes a Family?

Respond to the Big Book: Collaborative Conversation: Draw things that families can do together and then share with neighbor.

Write about Reading: Share what family does together and write sentence./Concepts of Print: Directionality: as you are writing talk about the way we start at top left and move right and go back to the left for the next line.

Retelling: Retell What makes a Family with flip chart and retelling cards.

Grammar: Teach/Model:nouns

Guided Practice Apply: using big book pick out nouns

Literacy Stations/Small groups



Wednesday August 30, 2017


Opening Routines: Conversation about School.

Daily Phonological Awareness:  Rhyming words, single sounds.

Daily High-Frequency Words: I

Daily Vocab Boost: cranes, crew, mechanic, outlining, gleaming, slide

Phonemic Awareness: Differentiate single sounds…same sounds, different sounds Guided Practice Apply.

Letter Names: Mm

Teach/Model: how to form letter Mm. Guided practice: handwriting. Apply: Name the letters.


Dig Deeper: Use clues to Analyze the Text

Teach/Model: Terms about Informational Text

Guided Practice: Analyze the Text—help children state main ideas in the Big Book Text.

Your turn: Return to the essential question…What is the same about all families?

Enrich vocab: Talk about families

Teach Model: Talk about the special words children use to talk about the people who are important to them.

Guided practice: Invite children to share about their family.

Apply: Talk about the families of the children.

Grammar: Nouns

Teach/model: point out that different nouns may name the same person.

Show the projectable.  Have children suggest a noun that names the pictures.

Literacy Stations



Thursday August 31, 2017


Opening routines: Review Classroom rules

Daily Phonological Awareness: Rhyming words, Single Sounds

Daily High-Frequency Words: I

Daily Vocab Boost: cranes, mechanic, crew, outlining, gleaming, solid

Letter Names: Nn

Teach/Model how to form the letter Nn. Guided practice: handwriting. Apply:  Matching letter pairs.


Vocab Stragegies

Classify and Categorize

Teach/Model: Terms about Language

Sort: put things into groups

Guided Practice: Display Project: put the words in the group.

Apply: Is the word a family member or something a family does?

Connect to the topic: Poetry: Frere Jacques and Everybody Says, Tortillas for Mommy and My Little Sister.

Grammar: Nouns for People

Teach/Model: parents, sister, brother and grandparents. What are these words name for?

Guided Practice/Apply: Who are the people mentioned in Building with Dad?

Narrative Writing Focus Trait: Conventions-using capital letters when writing your name helps people know that the word is your name.

Literacy Stations



Friday September 1, 2017


Opening Routines: Speaking and listening

Establishing Rules for Discussions

Interactive Whiteboard Lesson

Letter Names Letters Kk, Ll, Mm, Nn, Oo to reinforce uppercase and lowercase letters learned during the week.

Daily Phonological Awareness

Rhyming Words, Single Sounds

Daily High-Frequency Words: I

Daily Vocab Boost: cranes, mechanic, crew, gleaming, outlining, solid

Letter Names: Letters Oo

Teach/Model: how to form a letter Oo

Guided Practice: Handwriting

Apply: Matching letter pairs


Grammar Nouns for People: Review

Guided Practice/Apply

Flip Chart 8 use to name nouns that identify people.

Literacy Stations and Small Groups

Small group: All

Phonics and Fluency

Identify Book parts. Develop Book handling skills.

Teach/Model: How do you hold the book.  What do you find on the front cover? The back cover?

Guided Practice: Table of Contents and find the story “See what we can do”. Talk about the title.  The title page tells the name, or title of the story. It also tells who wrote the story and who drew the pictures.

Apply: Show me the front cover, back cover Who can find the story we are about to read and point to the title.

Read: See what we can do (a wordless picture book)

Oral Language: Develop oral language skills to tell a story and express thoughts, feelings, and ideas about it clearly.




First group meeting:  Names of Letters using Names of group members.

Second Group meeting: Single Sounds: exploring the sound of letters.